Production Workshop: Alexkid | School Of Synthesis

Production Workshop: Alexkid

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18/12/2019 to 18/12/2019 Wednesday 19:00 - 22:00 3 Hours $110.00 AUD PWALEXKID2 3

French born and German based Techno and DJ legend Alexkid presents a one off, exclusive to School of Synthesis workshop highlighting some of the production, sound design, mixing  and creative techniques using Ableton Live and MAX4LIve that have served him well over his 20 years in the game.

A DJ/producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, Alexkid is credited as an early protagonist of 90s Parisian underground culture. Ignited by no less than three critically acclaimed albums on Laurent Garnier’s F Communications. With 20-something years in the game, the former Parisian turned Berliner is lauded by peers and fans alike for his production technique, and infamous on the circuit for his extensive collection of – and near-obsessive relationship with – machines.

Join Alexkid for a three hour private workshop where you and he work together to improve your sound, creativity and workflow with simple techniques. The workshop is strictly limited to 9 places so please book early to ensure your spot at this special event. 

Here's an outline of what you will be covering:


-Learn how to listen and what you’re listening to. 

-How to take a step back. 

-Simple and effective techniques in gain staging, EQ and compression. 

-Sound layering and use of phase cancellation for generating drum sounds.




-How to put yourself out of your comfort zone in order to get inspired. 

-Use of different randomization plug-ins to create unexpected events.

-How to use accidents. 

-Insight into M4L and how you can “hack” your production.  

-Using Alexkid’s sequencers as a starting point.



-Create your virtual band. 

-Setup your sequencer in order to improve workflow. 

-The importance of creating your own soundbanks and sound arsenal. 

-Getting your setup organized. 

-Less is more. 


More info on Alexkid can be found here: