Easy Classic House Chords


Ever wanted to write a great chord progression but don't have access to some keys or a controller? Got a great musical idea but lack the chops of a Herbie Hancock? No problem! This is the tutorial for you.
Using advanced chains, racks and macros, Jehan takes a look at how to get a great chord progression into Live, in a quick and efficient manner - using nothing else but native Live FX. 
This is a short example of the types of techniques on offer in the Classic House Music Masterclass at The School of Synthesis. No matter what your level, if your into DJing or Production, the school has a course for you. 
You can DOWNLOAD an extended version of the rack here (this has many more chords on offer and also a handy scale function to make sure your tinkerings are always in key!):
DL LINK: http://bit.ly/1K4iGqq